tango fruit juice


How to create a tasty tango cocktail for a family

A recipe for a tasty drink that might be a little too tango for your taste is here.Read moreA new video shows how to create tango juice cocktails for a festive occasion.The video is titled “How to create your...

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“Tango Fruit Juice” video gets a big boost in YouTube ad review

MTV News has awarded “Tangerine” a video review of the week in its video rankings.The video has become the latest MTV Video Award winner to land on the list this season.This week’s ranking sees the video receiving a “4...

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How to make a pineapple soft drink – video guide

A soft drink that tastes like tropical fruit juice with tropical flavours, pineapple juice and mangoes, Tropic Fruit Juice is one of the more unusual products on the market.It is made from raw fruit, but is cooked in a...

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