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How to make a diuretic with the power of your home diuretics

I love this idea of using my home diurones to help control my water consumption.I’ve never tried it myself, but I’ve heard a lot of great things about this type of diurette, and I’m intrigued by how it works.I’d...

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How to make a good patanjalis juice

In a move that has caught the attention of the whole world, Patanjalis have launched their own brand of fresh, unpasteurized fruit juice.It’s an ingenious idea that is now spreading across the world, and Patanjais claim that it’s as...

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Which fruit juice is best?

Fruit juice has become a hot topic in recent years with companies like Honest Fruit and Juicer leading the charge.They offer juice that tastes like real fruit juice but is made with a variety of ingredients to make it...

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