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When you buy a mango you’re paying for fruit juice

Posted November 01, 2019 07:48:16 When you eat fruit, your body is trying to convert the sugar in the fruit into energy.This means that the fruit juices you purchase from a fruit juice stand are making use of a...

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Apple says fruit juice will be sold over the counter after health scare

Apple says it is going to sell over the street fruit juice capsules containing cherries and mangoes, as the company is dealing with a health scare over the supply of the ingredient.Health experts said the capsules contain the chemical...

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Why is this ‘fruit juice’ stand selling mango juice in Thailand?

With just under half of Thailand’s population in the age bracket of 35-44 years old, it’s not uncommon to see young people looking for fresh fruit juice in the Thai market.But that’s not always the case.Read more”I love mangoes...

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