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What you need to know about the latest apple-juice scandal

Apple juice makers are facing new pressure to disclose more details about the deadly outbreaks of coronavirus that have hit the United States.Apple Juice’s latest recall prompted the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to call for the first public...

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How do I know if a fresh, uncooked, unprocessed apple juice is safe?

Celery juice, which has the same chemical makeup as apple juice, has been linked to liver, kidney, and respiratory problems.The food and beverage industry is not concerned, and it does not recommend consumers use uncooked or unpasteurized apples.A recent...

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How to use antihistamines to prevent cholera and other coronavirus outbreaks

An antihistaminic is a medicine that is intended to prevent the spread of the coronaviruses coronaviral and the new coronavirotic viruses.Antihistamines are used to help prevent symptoms of the two viruses from spreading to other people or animals.Antihemoglobins are...

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