Why does ‘monk’ fruit juice contain a lot of sugar?

Fresh fruit juice has a lot sugar, and the Japanese company that makes it says its juice is no exception.The Japanese company said in a statement that its juice contains more sugar than it claims.It says it only uses...

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Alien fruit juice hits new heights, is on sale for $7.99

Aliens are back on the market!Alien fruit juices are on sale at Costco for $1.99!Aliens are on the way!The Aliens are finally back!They’re back!And the price has gone up by almost 10 cents! Read more...

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‘The Nutritional Miracle: Unsweetened Fruit Juice and the Supernatural Powers of Persimmon’

“You have to get some Persimmons!” he said.“I’ll never forget this one.”“The Nutrient Miracle” will premiere at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival, with a release in theaters on October 17, the same day as the premiere of “A...

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