What I like to eat after work

I’m on my way home from work.I’m drinking some fruit juice after work.It’s the strangest fruit juice I’ve ever had.I have never experienced a strange fruit juice before.I thought it was some sort of a new invention from China.It...

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How to make your own sugar-free fruit juicing tool

In the past year, there have been several attempts to create sugar-less fruit juicers, but none have been successful.That changed recently, when a startup called Sagesign took off and became the first company to create a sugar-based juicer.This week,...

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Which Fruit Juices Are Best?

V8 Fruit Juice is a popular brand of fruit juice brand which was acquired by the Coca-Cola company in 2014.Now the brand has launched a new fruit juice line called Blue Fruit.Blue Fruit contains up to 100% fruit juice...

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