A fruit juice kiosks vending machine that sells fruit juice to people in Perth

A fruit kiosk in the city of Perth is now offering people juice for free.

Key points:The machine sells juice at the door, in vending machines, in kiosks and in kiosk food stands.

The company said it was “working with the local community” on the program.

The system uses sensors to collect data from the kiosks where customers pay for juice and then sends the data to the company.

The local community has been using the machines to provide juice to residents.

In the first week, the system has collected nearly 2 million data points from 564,000 customers.

The kiosk has been running for more than a year and the company has been working with the community to make it a success.

CEO Andrew Rudge said the system was “very exciting” for people in the community.

“People have been wanting juice for ages and we’ve been working on it for a long time,” he said.

“It’s very exciting to see it get off the ground and really go to work.”

Mr Rudge is the CEO of Australian Juice, which is run by Australian Juice Inc, a local firm that makes kiosks for fruit and veg in Perth.

The juice kiosx was launched in April.

“We’ve been looking for a place to get our juices to for the last six months,” Mr Rudge told ABC Radio Perth.

“The market is going to have to go from being a $100 to $150 a bottle to being $300 a bottle.”

But the thing is that it’s very easy to buy juice at a store and the people that have been paying for juice for a while, it’s just been really easy to get in touch with the system and to get the juice, so it’s a really good thing for the community.

“Mr Fergusson said the program was a way for people to get juice in return for their time and energy.”

I think people are actually surprised by the scale of it and the number of people that we’re getting,” he added.”

There are just a lot of people who are just sitting there waiting and there’s just a very high demand for juice.

Topics:fruit-juice,health,disasters-and-accidents,princess,melbourne-3000,perth-6000,waMore stories from Australia”

It will take a while to get up to speed with all the new technology,” Mr Ferguson said.

Topics:fruit-juice,health,disasters-and-accidents,princess,melbourne-3000,perth-6000,waMore stories from Australia

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