The new ‘tasting’ apps for fruit juice are actually drinkables

A new company has released a series of apps designed to help consumers pick the best juice they can find, as they try to choose from different types of drinks.

The app, Drinkable, is based on the idea that you can get better results by using the right fruit juice in a glass or glass bottle rather than a shot glass, a source told The Verge.

In its first few months, Drinkables has already attracted a lot of attention and is now rolling out to the Apple Watch and Samsung Gear smartwatches.

The company’s first app, called Drinkable for Apple Watch, is designed to make it easier to pick the right juice for you.

The Drinkable app, which was developed by Drinkable founder and CEO Ben Taylor, can show you how much fruit juice you can drink and how much you can expect to drink.

It can also tell you how to mix your juice with water to get a taste of the different types.

The drinks are labelled by the juice brand and you can choose from several fruit juice brands, including apple, pear, peach, strawberry and mango.

You can also pick from a list of fruit-flavoured cocktails, like lemon, orange, lime and strawberry.

There’s also a new twist: you can pick up the Drinkable App and make a drink by using your phone, tablet or computer, instead of pouring the juice into a glass.

You can add your phone number to the drink, so you can make a call.

The first Drinkable product is an apple cider, which has a light punch, a hint of pineapple, and a hint, too, of apple.

The drinks are meant to taste like you’re drinking apple juice, and the drinks are made using a method that mimics the taste of drinking fruit.

Taylor said that Drinkables products are not aimed at the young or the under-25 demographic, and that there are no restrictions on age, gender or nationality.

“The Drinkables brand has been around for years and it’s grown to a much wider audience,” Taylor said.

“We think the Drinkables experience for consumers is just so much more than just a single product.

It’s really about creating an experience that is personal and authentic and engaging for all.”

The Drinkability app is now available on Apple Watch in the US and in the UK, and you’ll have to be signed in to Drinkables to use it.