How to get a taste of the fruit juice market

A new industry in Washington state, which has been attracting big-name brands such as Starbucks, Whole Foods, and Chipotle, is growing rapidly, but the fruit juices industry remains in its infancy.

More than 50% of the products are made with fruit, and nearly 80% of them come from farmers in the Yakima Valley.

In an effort to provide a more balanced menu, the company that launched last fall in Spokane with the goal of providing more options for consumers to choose from is introducing a line of premium-grade fruit juices.

The Yakima Fruit Juice Company has a variety of fruit juices, and its latest product, the Peachy Peach juice, has been a hit with customers.

A product review from The Hill says it “is one of the best juice options available in the marketplace” and says the peach juice is “a healthy, delicious, and refreshing choice.”

The juice company says its products are more than just a juice for juice lovers, with the juices being packed with vitamins and minerals.

“They also offer a variety and taste of fruits that will please any fruit lover,” the review says.

Kellogg’s and General Mills recently introduced similar products in Spokane.