How to make a good patanjalis juice

In a move that has caught the attention of the whole world, Patanjalis have launched their own brand of fresh, unpasteurized fruit juice.

It’s an ingenious idea that is now spreading across the world, and Patanjais claim that it’s as simple as adding an avocado, tomatoes and cucumber to a blender.

The product, which costs about US$8, is called Patanjuices, and it is made using a proprietary blend of fruit juices that are extracted from a variety of local plants.

The brand’s founders, Liza Bielakova and Mariam Kostov, say that the juice is a healthier alternative to fruit juices produced in the US, where they have had to spend significant amounts of money to make the product.

The company launched in the Czech Republic and now plans to expand into Europe.

“It’s very simple: you add a few ingredients to a liquid, blend, then you taste,” said Bielackova.

“And when you taste it, you know exactly what’s in it.

And if you want to make your own, you just need to buy some fruit juice and some water.

The taste is very good, very refreshing.”

The two entrepreneurs were born and raised in Slovakia, where fruit juice is ubiquitous and is not only enjoyed by the upper class, but also by the working class.

The two started with the idea of starting a company in the hope of one day making a living out of it, but the two quickly realised that it was not easy.

“The product was really hard to get,” Bielarkova said.

“We tried to get some partners to finance it, and we had to pay a lot of money.

But once we got the backing, we could do it.

We sold it for about US $8.”

“We found a company called the Juice Company of Slovakia.

We paid them a few hundred euros to do the trial run.

And we were able to get the product out to the public.”

The company has sold more than 10,000 cases of Patanjamis juice to customers in Europe and the US.

“In Slovakia, there are only around five Patanjas in supermarkets, so we are very happy,” said Kostovi.

“Patanjis are very popular, and people are very thirsty.

People want to drink fruit juices with fruit.

We think that they’re really good.

We hope that people will find the right product.”