How to stop bingeing on blueberries

There are few things that can ruin your day more than a craving for blueberries, according to a new study from researchers at Duke University.

Their findings suggest that consuming them every day can help curb cravings and improve sleep.

They also say that a little greenness in your diet is a plus for the brain, since it helps boost the activity of brain cells that control memory and emotion.

A lot of our bodies don’t get enough blueberries or we don’t eat enough of them, said Dr. James J. Anderson, a clinical associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Duke.

But this new study suggests that eating enough blueberry juice or consuming it on a regular basis can help keep your body’s appetite down and your brain’s alertness high.

Blueberries are a major source of energy in our diets and in our daily lives, but there’s not a lot of research on their health benefits, Anderson said.

To test whether eating more blueberries could help curb these cravings, the researchers recruited 15 healthy men and women, all of whom were in good health, and asked them to take part in a 12-week study.

Participants were given a total of 12 capsules of blueberries a day for 12 weeks, with each capsule containing either 5 grams of protein or 1 gram of fiber.

Then, after 12 weeks on the diet, the men and the women were tested again, and all participants were asked to eat a portion of the foods that they had consumed in the previous 12 weeks.

In other words, the team had the participants eat what they had been consuming for the previous 24 hours.

All participants who consumed more blueberry juices or consumed the same amount of fruit or vegetables had lower cravings than those who ate the same amounts of food.

The researchers also found that, as a result of the study, participants who had consumed a lot more blue berries also had a lower risk of heart disease.

They were also able to decrease the risk of type 2 diabetes and depression.

What does it all mean for you?

The study looked at the impact of a few key components of the diet on the way the participants’ brains worked.

One of those was a reduction in the amount of energy the brain gets from consuming energy-rich foods like white bread and coffee, and that is the reason that blueberries are so important for their brains.

The other component was a boost in the activity and function of the brain’s brain cells called beta cells.

This is where the sugar in sugar is made.

When you’re consuming sugar, you’re not getting as much of the good things in your body.

In the brain that helps keep glucose levels low and brain cells active, that’s why blueberries have such a big effect on the brain.

When the brain cells are active, they get rid of waste and keep the body from storing too much of your energy, Anderson explained.

This makes you feel satisfied and energetic, and it’s why we have such good energy stores and healthy metabolism, he said.

The brain cells also use energy to regulate the blood sugar and insulin levels.

This also helps the body maintain healthy hormones, including estrogen and testosterone.

And when your body is in a good state of health, its hormones can make you feel more energetic, Anderson added.

This study was published in the journal Sleep.

It was supported by the National Institutes of Health, the American Heart Association and the National Science Foundation.

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