How to get a taste of the longan fruit from Israel

The longan (yellow fruit) has long been used in Chinese medicine as a remedy for rheumatism, headaches and other ailments.

But in recent years, it has become a hot commodity in the Israeli market.

It is currently sold in Israeli grocery stores for about $10, but Israeli authorities have started restricting its availability.

Israel has been trying to ban imports of the fruit in recent months.

The Israeli government also has an anti-fungal disease task force, which has been working to find alternatives to the longans.

A number of products that were made in Israel and exported to the United States were found to be contaminated by fungus.

“Fungal contamination has been reported in fruit juices sold in Israel,” said Avital Aviram, director of the Fungal Food Safety and Inspection Agency.

Aviram added that fruit juice imports from Israel had fallen to a few dozen products a year from more than 500 in 2012, but that imports from the United Kingdom and Europe were increasing.

Some Israeli farmers have started growing the fruit themselves, according to the Israeli news website Haaretz.

But the Israeli government has said it will continue to ban the importation of the produce.

And in Israel, it is also banning the export of fruit juices made from fresh fruit from the European Union.

This year, the Israeli Agriculture Ministry has warned that imported fruit juices from the EU are unsafe.

Since the ban was imposed in October, more than 2,500 products have been sent to Israel from the bloc.

In Israel, the government is considering imposing a ban on imports of fruit juice made from non-EU sources.

According to the ministry, the EU is the largest consumer of Israeli fruit juices.

Israeli government officials have been saying that it is too expensive to produce fruit juice from non EU countries.

But critics of the ban say it is not enough.

“The EU’s imports of Israeli produce are very small compared to our imports of fruits from Europe,” Aviramb said.

“[The government] should not be restricting imports from outside of Europe because of a few isolated cases of food poisoning,” said Yael Avir, a member of Israel’s Parliament.

She said that Israel needs to ban all fruit juices, but only if they are not made from foreign sources.

“We can’t ban everything, but we can ban certain products, and we need to be very careful,” she added.

Although fruit juice is not the only food product banned in Israel because of the virus, it was the biggest offender in terms of food contamination.

Despite the government’s concerns about the safety of imported fruit juice and the food-safety agency’s warnings, Israeli consumers have been buying it.

Fruits and vegetables are sold in supermarkets in Israel at about $1.30 a kilo, or about two-thirds of the price of the Israeli equivalent of milk.

Granola, fruit juices and fruit desserts are also on the menu, according, according the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture.

Chips are sold at a similar price as other foods, and a few other vegetables are also available in Israeli supermarkets, such as spinach, cauliflower and kale.

For Israeli consumers, the fruit juice market is a significant revenue source.

There are approximately 300,000 Israeli farmers growing the longa fruit.

It has been a source of income for the family for generations, and the Israeli agriculture ministry estimates that the fruit is worth about $5 million a year.

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