Purman fruit juices ‘polarising’ – RNS

Purman Fruit Juice, the makers of Purman, have said they are “polarised” by the controversial fruit juice brand, which has stirred up controversy among consumers.

The company, which makes Purman juice in New York, has previously said it does not support the use of animal testing for food and beverages.

“Our products do not contain the ingredients listed in this petition,” the Purman website said on Thursday.

“We do not support animal testing of any kind.

We believe the scientific evidence is overwhelming that animal testing does not help our products to deliver the health and nutritional benefits we claim.”

But the company has now said it has been contacted by people upset by the “inhumane” nature of the products.

“Passionfruit is not only a delicious fruit, but a symbol of the love for our environment and the people who sustain it,” Purman said.

“If Purman products are made from cruelty-free materials, they will be labeled with the ‘cruelty-free’ label on them.”

Purman said it had contacted the Australian Federal Government and that it had offered to provide information about the Purmon brand.

But in a statement, the company said that it was “disappointed” that the petition was made public.

“At Purmon, we care deeply about our environment, and we are committed to protecting our animals from cruelty.”

In light of the recent publicity surrounding Purmon products, we have reached out to the Australian Government to provide more information and to offer more clarity about Purmon’s cruelty-zero standards,” it said.

A spokesperson for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said he was “aware of Purmon” and would take “any action” required to protect animals.