Apple says fruit juice will be sold over the counter after health scare

Apple says it is going to sell over the street fruit juice capsules containing cherries and mangoes, as the company is dealing with a health scare over the supply of the ingredient.

Health experts said the capsules contain the chemical thymol, which is linked to heart disease and other ailments.

The products were sold over-the-counter in the US and Europe for up to two weeks in June and July.

Apple said the caps, which contain an “exotic blend of fruit and berries” would be available to customers over the phone from September 17, the company’s statement said.

“As consumers are increasingly choosing to buy over-street product, we’ve taken the opportunity to bring the fruit juice capsule experience to stores and are working to offer customers the ability to purchase them over the internet in their own stores,” the statement said, adding that customers will have to bring their own caps.

Apple said it had a policy of allowing its customers to buy the products at their own convenience.

“Apple will continue to closely monitor the situation and will respond accordingly as appropriate,” it said.

In March, the US Food and Drug Administration warned consumers to avoid buying fruit juice over the counters, saying it had seen an increase in the number of people reporting health issues after using over-frozen products.

The FDA said it was taking steps to improve product safety and quality in the industry, and that it planned to issue a new food additive called melatonin.

Melatonin is a chemical used in many products, including sunscreen, shampoo, baby wipes, cosmetics and hair care products.

It is produced by bacteria that live in the skin and stimulates the production of melatonin, the body’s natural sleep hormone.

The agency said that it had received reports of people with serious health issues and needed to “immediately” study the safety of melitontal.

Melatonin was banned from sale over the Counter in the UK in July, following a warning from the FDA.

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