‘Giant’ Giant Panda Poses at the Oscars

Giant Panda, the beloved giant panda mascot who once starred in a blockbuster movie, has made a rare appearance at the 2016 Academy Awards, dressed as a costume for the event. 

The Panda, who is currently on a promotional tour in the United States, appeared at the end of the show wearing a white suit, red tie and matching black gloves. 

“I’m just glad I got to meet you!” he said as he was ushered into the auditorium. 

He then walked to a table and began making a fist sign.

“Giant Panda, you’re such a cute guy!” the audience responded. 

Watch the clip below. 

Giant pandas are also known as the “Crocodile” and “Goliath” pandas. 

It is a rare sighting for the animal, whose reputation has been tarnished by a series of incidents including a mass shooting in India, where he was captured by villagers for his fur. 

On Sunday, Giant Panda was filmed fleeing from an Indian man who had beaten him to death in a tiger enclosure, a crime that has raised concerns about his safety. 

Earlier this year, a panda at the Tokyo Zoo died after being left in a freezer for six days, prompting a public outcry and a petition asking the government to declare the animal a national animal.