How the fruit juice industry is changing with the arrival of artificial sweeteners

This week’s cover story from New Scientist, featuring a series of interviews with the world’s leading fruit juice experts.

Read moreRead moreRead the main articleThe industry’s new approach is being welcomed by some who say it has saved lives, given consumers confidence and helped to make the world a healthier place.

But others say it could be a recipe for trouble for the industry.

In Australia, the fruit-juice industry has been embroiled in a battle for the hearts and minds of consumers for years.

It has struggled to find an audience for its sweet flavours and its reputation for being addictive has also made it unpopular with some.

The industry has also been criticised for failing to take responsibility for its actions, despite the fact that more than half of Australians drink at least one glass of fruit juice a day.

The result has been a backlash against the industry and some consumers have expressed concerns about their safety and their health.

But there is also a growing recognition that artificial sweetener makers have taken advantage of the popularity of fruit juices, and are now pushing for stricter regulation.

New Scientist spoke to some of the world of fruit and vegetable juice industry executives to get their take on the debate and to get a glimpse into the minds of the people who make the most of the products they produce.

“People are really sick of fruit-flavoured beverages and they’re sick of people making them,” said Richard Haggerty, a scientist and director of the Centre for Food and Agriculture Innovation at the University of Melbourne.

“If you want to sell a product, then you have to make sure you’ve got a very clear, well-designed process.

If it’s a bit of a mess, then it’s not a very good product.”

There are a lot of people in this industry who are just not comfortable with it, but there’s also a lot who are quite happy with it.

“We’re seeing a big shift from a lot people saying, ‘I’ll just drink fruit juice and never get sick’, to now people saying ‘I’m going to drink this juice and I’m going get sick’.”

For most people, the most important thing to remember when buying fruit juice is that it comes from fresh, organic produce, said Haggerity.

“You can’t buy it from a supermarket.

You have to go to a farmer’s market, or a market at the farmers market, and you can buy fruit that’s been grown in a small area of Australia.”

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has launched an investigation into the fruit and juice industry’s sales practices, and the Australian Food Standards and Promotion Authority has also launched an inquiry into the health and safety of fruit products.

In a statement, the ACCC said the industry was taking steps to “reduce the risk of harm to consumers”.”ACCC is working closely with the Australian Government to examine and address any issues that arise from the growing concern over the quality of fruit that may be available to consumers,” the statement said.

“In particular, ACCC is investigating whether there is an issue of genuine or perceived food safety, including whether there are any significant gaps in food safety in the Australian market.”

The ACCC has launched its own investigation into its own food safety oversight into the industry’s compliance with food-safety standards, and is also seeking more information about the safety of the industry itself.

“While we continue to monitor the industry closely, we will continue to look into any issues raised by the ACCCC,” the ACCCP said in a statement.

But the ACCCs investigations are also not the only ones to look at the fruit juices industry.ABC News contacted a number of industry leaders and food-health experts to see if they had a message for consumers about the current state of the fruit industry.

The experts who spoke to ABC News:Food scientist and expert John Daley is one of the most well-known food scientists in the world, and has a particular interest in fruit juices.

“I think there are quite a few things that people should know about the use of fruit in this country.

I would say the best thing that you can do is to make yourself aware of it.

You can’t go out and buy it,” he said.

Daley says the fruit itself can have a significant effect on your body.

“It’s a high sugar source.

It’s a source of calories.

It can also be quite sweet.

It tends to be a high-calorie source, which is why it can be a problem for a lot patients, and a lot families,” he told ABC News.”

And as far as fruit juice goes, I think you can see that there is a lot going on with fruit juice, and I would really advise people to make their own choices about what they want to drink.”

However, fruit juice isn’t the only food that can cause health problems.

The ABC spoke to nutritionist Dr Helen Cawley about the role of sugar in our diet.

She says we should always

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