How to get frozen fruit, vegetable, and yogurt at Costco

Posted July 25, 2018 09:20:52 Costco’s food and beverage chain is rolling out a new product called “Frozen Fruit, Vegetable and Yogurt,” the company said Wednesday.

The product is available in most Costco stores, but not all.

It’s priced at $0.99 for 1-liter bottles and $1.99 per 100-mL bottle.

The company said customers who order this product will be automatically charged a $0 and receive free shipping within the continental U.S.

Costco announced it was adding this new product at a news conference Wednesday.

“We’re excited to partner with Costco to offer this new, new product, and we’re confident that the Costco community will love it,” Costco chief operating officer Brian D’Antonio said in a statement.

“With more and more customers coming to Costco from other brands, we’ve seen our customers respond with enthusiasm to our new products and service.”

Costco has also added a new line of frozen desserts that it’s calling “fresh fruit, veggies and yogurt,” a line that is similar to the new “Fruit and Vegetable Ice Cream.”

The new line, “Fresh Fruit, Veggies and Yogurts,” includes ice cream, fruit drinks, frozen fruit and vegetables, and baked goods.

Costos food and entertainment locations are also expanding with more dining options and a more intimate, family-friendly atmosphere, Costco said in its announcement.

Costcos website said it is available at Costco stores across the U.K., Canada and Mexico.