How to get a great vintage fruit juice squeezier

The first fruit juice squeeze ever invented by a human, this device was invented by an American scientist named William R. Hines.

But in a strange twist, it was also the first fruit juicing machine ever patented by a single American inventor, according to a recent report from the National Museum of American History.

Hine was an American chemist who was hired by the Fruit Products Corporation in 1869, and it was a job that took him to California, where he worked in a lab at San Francisco’s Fruit and Vegetable Research Institute.

The institute eventually became the California Fruit and Nursery Experiment Station.

The first fruits squeezed by Hines were from the fruit trees at the Experimental Station, and they were used for fruit juice production.

But they were also used for juice production at other plants in California.

After the Fruit and Fruit Research Institute closed, Hines was hired as an associate to become an independent scientist.

He would later be promoted to the position of chief of the experimental laboratory, and he would continue to work in that capacity for many years.

“It’s hard to imagine that anyone could invent a better invention, than the one that was invented today,” said Nancy Parnell, the museum’s curator of fruit juicers.

In addition to its scientific accomplishments, Hine also created an artificial fruit pulp for use in the fruit juice industry, and invented a way to isolate juice from fruit pulp, making it easy for the company to market it.

The invention was also a boon to the company.

It was possible to isolate a pulp of a fruit that was hard to make from other fruit pulp.

“If you put in a lot of labor, it can be done,” said Paul W. Devereux, an author who has written extensively about the history of fruit juice.

The machine also gave Hines the chance to experiment with different types of fruit pulp and also make a variety of fruit juices.

The device was a lot simpler than a typical fruit juctor.

“This was an all-purpose juicer,” Parnll said.

The Hines machine used a rotary wheel that was attached to a handle that was used to rotate a piston that was connected to a pulley.

The pulley was connected at the front of the machine to the top of the cylinder.

At the rear, the cylinder was attached with a lever that was driven into the cylinder, and the lever could be turned to open or close the machine.

The rotating cylinder also had a vacuum system that was important to Hines’ design.

The vacuum created by the cylinder kept the pulp from moving around the machine and preventing it from getting trapped in the cylinder by the vacuum.

The pulp would then be squeezed out of the pulp, and squeezed out from the pulley into the vacuum, where the pulp was then separated into its two parts, or pulp and pulp.

The original prototype of the Hines juice squeezers came from a 1903 report that the company wrote up for the American Fruit and Garden Society, which called the pulp pulp “a valuable and necessary product to the manufacture of all kinds of fruits and vegetables.”

In 1904, Hates patent application for the device was submitted to the American Chemical Society, but it was rejected.

But it was later revived by a patent application filed by the American Beverage Association.

In 1908, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals submitted another application for a pulp pulp squeezer.

The society’s application called it “an efficient, cost-effective, and convenient product.”

It also stated that “the fruit pulp may be used to prepare fruits, vegetables, or other vegetables from which fruit juices are prepared,” which meant it was possible for a fruit juice company to make fruit juice from pulp pulp and use it in their juice.

“The pulp of the fruit is placed in a small container, and by the operation of the handle it is pulled out and compressed into a large container.

The mixture is stored for a few days in a dark place, when it can then be brought to the boiling point of water,” the society’s filing stated.

The application also mentioned that the device could be used for the “production of juice and juice concentrate from pulp.”

Hines patented the device on June 12, 1909.

The patent application also said that Hines would use his invention “to produce juice, juice concentrate, and juice juice juice from any type of fruit.”

It described the pulp as “a pure, pure pulp of any type, which may be mixed with the pulp of other types of fruits.”

The pulp had a diameter of 6.25 inches and a length of 9.5 inches, and had a weight of 1.5 ounces.

The firm was also looking for a way for Hines to sell the pulp to people outside of California.

It wasn’t until 1931 that Hine applied for a patent for the machine, which would have allowed Hines and his company to sell pulp pulp to the public in

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