Why is there a lot of booze?

The alcoholic fruit juices are a popular way to get drunk.

They’re made with the alcohol from fruit juices, which is usually used in cooking and making alcoholic beverages.

But it’s a very controversial beverage.

I was surprised by the level of controversy surrounding the alcohol in these drinks, but I think the most important thing that people need to know is that alcohol is safe.

And that’s why people shouldn’t drink them.

The alcohol in alcoholic fruit juices is different than the alcohol contained in alcohol-free fruit juice.

It’s not made with alcohol.

If you’re not a beer drinker, you probably know that fruit juices have a higher alcohol content.

It means they’re more concentrated and therefore more concentrated than alcohol-based fruit juices.

But when it comes to alcohol, the alcohol content of alcoholic fruit Juice is only around 0.5 percent, which means you can drink a couple of tablespoons of it.

And the alcohol level in fruit juice is usually about half of what’s in beer.

According to the Alcohol Beverage Association, the average alcoholic fruit drinker drinks around five cups of fruit juice a day.

That’s the equivalent of two full bottles of wine, which contains about 2.5 teaspoons of alcohol.

So if you drink five cups a day of fruit juices in a year, you’re drinking about 30 to 40 cups of alcohol a year.