Jamaican fruit juicing machine sells for $12 million

NEW DELHI, India — A Jamaican juice vending machine is about to go national, and the machine’s maker says the business will make money for the country and its people.

Jamaican juice is widely available in India, but its price has never been lower.

In addition to being cheaper than buying juice in supermarkets, the cost of juicing fruit in the country is much higher than in other developed countries.

Javans Juice, which is based in New York, says the $12-million machine is a success and will make its customers money.

It is also expected to make a big splash with its low prices, according to an investor report.

The company has sold more than 3 million machines in India over the past four years, and in that time has seen the business expand to five other markets.

It currently has operations in the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

The Jamaican government is looking at creating a national juice vending network, according a government document published in February.

A network of vending machines would allow consumers to get fresh fruit at competitive prices.