How much does Blue-Eyed Pea juice taste like?

BONOJO FARM LUNCHEON BEVERAGE COMPANY (BFC) BONOAKE’S SOUL SOUNDS FARM GROCERY ROOM, FLORIDA (AP) — BFC’s souvlaki salad has blueberry, cranberry, peach and apple flavors.

It’s the first recipe for Blue-EYED PEA JUICE, a condiment for souvlakis.

BFC founder and owner, Bucky Moore, said Blue-eyed Pea Juice was developed as a way to add a little sweetness to souvlaks without having to add artificial flavors.

The flavorings include: Blueberry, blueberry jam, pineapple, blueberries, blue cheese, pineapple juice and a touch of lemon juice.

Blue-eyes peaches and cranberries are the only fruits in the Blue-eyed Peas soup.

The soup was made with the fresh produce from the farm of Moore and wife, Lisa Moore, at their home in Bonooke’s Soul Sounds Farm Room, about 20 miles east of Orlando.

They grew their own fruit for souvignons.

The family, who are also chefs, said they were looking for a recipe that would not take too much time to prepare and that was fun to make.

The recipe uses a blend of fresh produce, like fresh blueberries and cranberry jam.

BFA sells souvlakes in Florida and other states.

Moore said he was able to find a recipe using the fruits from Bonookes farm.

Blue Pea Soup was a hit in the Sunshine State.

A spokeswoman for BFA said the soup was one of several souvlak recipes that the company was working on in its Orlando and Tampa locations.

The company is also working on a Blue Peas Soup recipe in Orlando.

Blue peaches are available year-round in supermarkets and on the BFA website.

Blue Eyes Pea Sauce is a condimental sauce made with a blend that includes fresh fruit and spices.

Blueeyes pea sauce was introduced to America in the mid-1930s and is now the national condiment of choice.

Moore’s recipe is a blend, using fresh fruits and spices, but he also said that the soup has a little more sweetness than a regular souvlake.

It has a hint of lemon, but that is more about the citrus flavor of the fruit, he said.

Blue Eyed Peaches Soup is available on the store’s website for $4.95 for 6-ounce portions.

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