When is Starbucks going to stop selling black bean soup?

The caffeine-heavy soup was popular in China and was a staple of the country’s popular soup dishes until a few years ago, when it was made into a drink and discontinued.

A Starbucks spokesperson confirmed the company had discontinued the soup and said the company has plans to produce a different soup.

The soup was available at Starbucks stores until about April 2018, according to Starbucks.

In the meantime, customers can still order the soup online and order it to take home.

It’s still available at some of Starbucks locations, like the Starbucks in New York and at locations in Florida, New Jersey, Virginia and Pennsylvania, according the company.

We will continue to support our customers with our commitment to serving them with the freshest, highest quality ingredients, said a Starbucks spokesperson in a statement.

“Starbucks has always been committed to serving our customers, and we have no plans to stop serving the soup,” the spokesperson said.

Starbucks will offer the soup in its stores, and it will also be available in a limited quantity at select locations around the U.S. and the world.