CricInfo: New South Wales-based brand is making its debut in Australia

New South Welsh-based Cricinfo, which was founded by a former Australian Prime Minister, has announced its first Australian market launch.

The company will debut at the Brisbane CBD in November and will be available at some of the city’s most popular restaurants and pubs, such as Burger King, Burger King Australia, The Burger King Cafe and Burger King Sydney.

The name Cric, the acronym for Canadian Coffee, comes from the British word for “green” which Cric-Nut and Cric were both based on.

Cricinfo’s founder, Scott Darnell, said he felt Australian was a great place to be and wanted to launch a new product in Australia.

“Australia has an abundance of great food, great coffee and we wanted to bring some great Australian food into the market and give Australian people a better experience,” he said.

“This will be our first Australian product and I hope people will enjoy it.”

The Australian Coffee brand is a collaboration between Cric and Burger Kings and is set to be launched in Australia in the coming months.

Clic is currently available in Australia on the company’s website, where it is currently ranked number one in the country.