How to avoid plastic fruit juice testing

The American Beverage Association has released its 2017 Beverage Products List, and the beverage giant is in the midst of a push to get its consumers to stick to the rules of plastic packaging.

The new rules will make it easier for consumers to buy fruit juice without plastic containers and also limit the amount of plastic that can be put into a product.

The ABA is making the list in an effort to encourage consumers to be aware of the dangers of plastic and the potential dangers posed by plastic.

The AAB also wants consumers to keep their eyes peeled for the new plastic fruit juices and juices containing added sugar and artificial flavors, which could be dangerous to both consumers and the environment.

“There is no excuse for adding a sugar or flavor enhancer to a fruit juice,” said ABA spokesperson Mark Tatum in a statement.

“This is the sort of chemical cocktail that could harm both consumers, and our environment, in the long run.”

The AHA is urging consumers to avoid using plastic containers or juicer.

Consumers should check their products for the presence of any plastic in the juice.

They should also always use a fruit juzer, Tatum added.

In an effort at consumer awareness, the ABA will also encourage consumers not to consume plastic fruit that has been stored in a plastic storage container.

The new rules also include a warning for fruit juice that contains added sugar, which means consumers should not drink the juice if they have a blood sugar level of less than 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

“There’s no reason to buy a product with added sugar unless it’s the kind of product that you want to eat,” Tatum said.

“If you want an orange juicer that is safe to drink, you don’t want to buy that.”

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