Why you might want to drink your greens once a month

If you’ve ever tried to eat too much fruit juice and then regretted it, you’ve probably experienced the same frustration.

But the latest research suggests you might not be eating enough of it, at least according to researchers from the University of Queensland.

Researchers have found that green fruit juice has a high nutritional value, and is a great source of protein and iron.

It’s estimated that green juices contain up to three times more nutrients than regular juice, and can even be a good source of vitamin C.

The research, led by Dr. Ian Campbell, was published in the journal Nature Communications.

The team from the Queensland University of Technology found that when green juices were compared to other foods that contain similar amounts of nutrients, they found that people who ate more green fruit were eating more of the nutrient-rich nutrient.

But they also found that the more fruit juice people ate, the more nutrients they had to choose from.

“The fruit juice group consumed more vitamins, more iron and more antioxidants, and they had lower intakes of other nutrients,” Dr Campbell said.

“We think it’s because of the green juice.

It’s high in fibre, it’s high fibre, there’s plenty of vitamin B6, and there’s also plenty of potassium.”

He said it’s possible that because the vitamin C in green juice is better absorbed through the body, people who have higher intakes of vitamin A and vitamin C could benefit from consuming green juice, too.

Dr Campbell said it was possible that the higher fibre content of green juice was a result of its higher fibre.

“In terms of fibre, I’d be concerned that we’re consuming a lot more fibre than we should be, but that’s what we’ve found,” he said.

In terms at the other end of the scale, he said people who drink fruit juice at least once a week could have the best chances of getting a good quality meal.

“I think that if you’re eating lots of fruit juice, it may be the most beneficial thing for you, and you’re getting the nutrients you need,” he explained.

“But it’s not something you should be doing if you have a high fibre intake, or if you’ve got a high vitamin B12 intake.”

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