Which of these juices is best?

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow argued on Thursday that the fruit juice category should be re-examined after it was found that two popular brands contained traces of arsenic in their juice.

“You know, these are some of the most popular products out there, and they’re all contaminated with arsenic,” Maddow said.

“So we need to reexamine what is actually safe for us to consume.”

Maddow went on to explain that there are two ways to eat fruit juice: either through an open container, or through a filter.

She said the first way would be to take a slice and then add water and fruit juice.

The second way would use a filter, and would be safer, she added.

“What we know is that a lot of the arsenic in this juice comes from the water that’s added to it,” Maddows said.

Maddows then compared the arsenic levels of the fruit juices, including PepsiCo’s juice and KFC’s, to those found in the juice of the apple, apple pie, and strawberry.

“I don’t know what’s better,” Maddaws said.