How to make a pineapple soft drink – video guide

A soft drink that tastes like tropical fruit juice with tropical flavours, pineapple juice and mangoes, Tropic Fruit Juice is one of the more unusual products on the market.

It is made from raw fruit, but is cooked in a pressure cooker.

The fruit is then blended with sugar, honey, water and lemon juice and distilled into a drink that is served as a sweetened and tart alternative to traditional drinks such as fruit juice.

The product is made in Indonesia and sells for around $20 a bottle in Indonesia, $5 a can in Malaysia and $1.25 a litre in China.

It has been dubbed the ‘taste of tropical fruit’ by one blogger, because it contains no fruit at all, but a sweet coconut milk and fruit-flavoured juice.

It also has a distinctive smell to it, which some people find hard to get used to.

But it is also delicious, and if you like to experiment with your favourite fruit-based drinks, Tropican Fruit Juice might just be the drink for you.

The first thing to know about Tropic fruit juice is that it contains only raw fruit and fruit juice mixed with water.

The juice is then boiled and dried for about four hours in a water-proof bottle.

It contains about 30g of sugar, 15g of fructose, 7g of potassium and a little bit of calcium.

This is the fruit that is used to make Tropic.

But the real reason to try Tropic Juice is to find out how it tastes.

You can see how it looks by watching the video below.

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