California to pay $2.4M to settle lawsuit over fruit juice plant

California officials are to pay a $2 million settlement to a farmer and a food processing company for allegedly violating a California environmental law by failing to install enough monitoring devices.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Tuesday that the settlement will pay $1.8 million to farmer James Anderson of Long Beach, and $1 million to Anderson’s company, Vantage Farms.

Anderson was charged by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Department of Water Resources with violating state environmental laws by failing in October 2016 to install the required monitoring devices, according to a news release.

The company’s owners, Vulture Farms, pleaded guilty to the same violation in April, agreeing to pay the agency $2,600 a day to monitor the environment for a year and a half.

The settlement agreement also will pay the Department $500 to monitor for four years in accordance with the state law.

The Department of Ecology has a $1,200 per day fine for violators and $3,000 per day for violator-inspectors.

The state is expected to seek another $1 billion in fines in coming years.

California has seen more than 10,000 people killed by the fruit and vegetable industry since 1998, according the U.S. Department of Agriculture.